Graham Ramsay

Graham Ramsay is a professional artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Growing up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, much of his work has been inspired by the winding, cobbled streets and the vast variety of new and old architecture. Other aspects of his work include quirky and fantasy styles which he uses to create unique views of Scotland and fantastic scenes, characters and wildlife images from his own imagination.

Having studied art and illustration at college, he works in a wide variety of mediums and styles, which he uses to produce everything from small commissioned portraits to large abstract canvas work. Mostly choosing to work in acrylics and oils for their strong vibrant colours and their ability to mix and blend the colours on the canvas. his work is always striking and colourful.

His illustration work has seen him involved in various projects with Edinburgh city council on reading initiatives for children, as well as illustrations for children’s books including some of his own writing.

When asked to describe his work, Graham said. “To me art is a way of sparking imagination in anyone who chooses to look at it. No painting or picture should have just one story, and I want my work to mean something different to everyone. My hope is that my work gives others as much joy as creating it gives me.”

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