Artists for Artists

The Background to the UX Gallery (UXG)

The Unexpected Artist (UXA) grew out of a one month honours degree show in 2014. We opened up in the St Enoch centre for one month to help showcase our art, in all its forms, to the public. We never left!

Glasgow, as good as it is, doesn't embrace the grassroots artist with spaces to exhibit their work, there is little support on offer to the artist to help hone their skill and take the journey to being a professional artist.

In 2016 we became a CIC, a Community Interest Company, and with the help of our supporters we provide space for you to exhibit your work with the managers are there to help you make better use of your space and promote your art.


  • We offer Wall Space to show your work
  • Allow you to update the work on the wall
  • Provide spaces for you to create your art
  • Help you navigate the digital world with workshops and tutorials
  • Provide expertise with setting up and running a business.

We are all artists, we volunteer our time to help raise the profile of the amazing artists within the membership, and through our space, help individuals and groups, to reach out to the public.

If you would like to join us as an artist, we have a simple and straight forward membership application. Click here to learn more