Join the UX Gallery

Who or what is The Unexpected Artist?

The Unexpected Artists is a CIC (Community Interest Company), we are based on a social enterprise model, that means whatever profits we make are re invested back into the company.

Our aim is to help you exhibit and sell your art from both the wall and digitally. We are also here to help you along your creative journey.

Gallery Supervisors

We are a friendly bunch, all volunteers, and we all want to help artists get recognition for their art. We use the expression "Artists for Artists" in the gallery and manage the space for the benefit of all the members of the UXA, the volunteers in the Gallery are called 'Supervising Artists', again, this is a voluntary position filled by Artists who help manage the day to day running of the Gallery.

Cultural Hub

What is an artist? Painters, sculptors, digital artists, photographers, writers, actors, in short, anyone who creates.

Why a shopping centre for a Gallery?

Galleries are, by their nature, elitist, and although there is a need for them, they are generally off putting to the public and not for the grassroots artist. So we thought, 'if the people don't go to a Gallery, the Gallery should go to the people!'

We have a fantastic partner in the St Enoch Shopping Centre, they have helped us and supported us from day one, which means we now have a flourishing gallery in the heart of Glasgow that all artists can be a part of.

The Unexpected Artist Membership

When you become a member of the 'Exhibiting Artists' group, we want to accomplish a couple of things;

  • Art on the wall... as artists we envision, create and for some of us that seems to be the end of the journey! However, you should aim at getting your art on a wall for everyone to see, and buy. Members are allocated wall space, once allocated you can change your art at regular intervals, meaning that you can display your latest pieces.
  • Digital Footprint... If you are looking to sell online, and you should, then you will need the right tools, web site, social media. This is where we can help. We have set up a 'digital marketing for artists' support service as part of your membership, where you can watch videos and email questions, launching in March 2019, more on this later!

More than a gallery

  • Help each other... the life of an artist can be quite solitary which can sometimes hinder perspective, inspiration and creativity. Working together helps provide an opportunity to expand our horizons. The team at the Gallery have helped artists displaying for the first time as well as helping with creative, technical and business issues. We are planning more artist only gallery nights as they have proven very successful. During these we can bring you up to speed on Digital Marketing and Accounting
  • Artist in Residence... We have AiR's, being an Artist in Residence which gives you an opportunity to engage with the public. For some artists this can be a strange experience, it can also be a strange experience for the public. The public are interested in what you do and why you do it, they also, invariably, commission you to create something for them, but that is up to you.


We are a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise, which means the revenue we take in is reinvested in the UXA. It pays for expenses, advertising and infrastructure costs. We are run by artists for artists so, like all good social enterprises, we are dependent on our volunteers. This means that sometimes need to amend the services offered.

What we currently offer;

          • Up to 2 items can be exhibited, dependent on size and wall space. We can advise you closer to the date what space we can offer.
          • Once you are on the wall we encourage you to swap swap these for new pieces during the course of your exhibition (this is by arrangement, the team needs some notice of what you want to swap them for, i.e. size, style etc) - This allows you to get your latest work up without incurring more charges.
          • We scheduled talks on subjects like 'pricing your work' and 'copyright issues' with experts and those with experience.
          • We are offering artist nights where we can get together and discuss new ideas - more like coffee and moral support!
          • We are help you understand how to brand yourself so we can sell your work 'off exhibition'.
          • We promote commissions with the public and many of our artists have had commissions to create new art works for the public. We think this is important and we actively pursue this as a strategy for our artists.
          • As a member you can book the AiR Spaces, AiR = Artist in Residence, are spaces in the gallery where you can come into paint/create new work Tuesday to Saturday, 10am till 5pm.

Membership of The Unexpected Artist

There is a monthly membership of £15 per month - This is via Standing Order or recurring payment. The membership is monthly and you can cancel with a months notice. We will provide the bank details for you to set up the Standing Order or Recurring Payment or give you a form to hand in to your bank.

A £30 Administration fee plus the first month is payable when you bring in your art work.

Joining the UXA

We accept all levels of artists, however, before taking out your membership we want to make sure we have space available to hang your work!

  • Submitting your work: We ask that you send us image(s) of your work by email. Try and give us a sense of scale, either stand next to it something or give us measurements. This allows us to plan where on the wall we could put your art and when we could do this. The Gallery Curation Team meet once a week to review the art submitted.
  • Length of Display: This is a hard one to quantify, it depends upon the art. Our aim to have art displaying for a minimum of 3 months, we then review it. We have a regular footfall so we need to rotate or change the art on display. You are the member, not your art, so you can bring in new work for hanging to either augment or replace your work on display, we encourage you to review your art and if you have a new piece, let us see it, we are here to help!

Joining the UXA

  • Updating and Rotating: You can bring in more than the set pieces for the wall and we can rotate them on the wall to keep your display fresh. (i.e. some of our artists might be displaying 2 pieces but bring in 3, this allows the Curation Team to rotate the work on the wall.
  • Review Dates: The Curation Team works with you, we want you to sell and we want your work to be fresh and relevant. The team are there to support you, so feel free to pop in or drop us an email and we can help you get the best out of your membership. We review the work on the wall at regular intervals, sometimes this is to ensure we have you in the right place and to keep the art in the gallery fresh for visitors.
  • New work: Don't bring it in until we see it, review it and give you a date for bringing it in.