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Unexpected News



We have started the re organisation of the gallery to accommodate more Artists in Residence and exhibit more work. This is going hand in hand with the updating of our digital platforms.

People have asked to see more art being created, there is a hunger to see artists at work rather than just the finished art. The team at the UXA (The Unexpected Artist) Gallery have decided to create a new space for a new Artist in Residence to join, our resident painters, Linda McGowan, John McPartland and Max Guild, Stu Duffy our Photographer in Residence and Michael our Videographer in Residence.

Web Site

We are starting to move the images onto the wall onto the web site. In the past we had three websites that serviced different needs but now we are focusing all of them into one place, so we apologise for any disruption... and missing art, we should be finished shortly!


New work comes in every month. When an artist replaces a sold piece or brings in a new piece for exhibition. We will bring you the work here for your pleasure!

Wearable Art

Lisa Cunningham, an artist inspired by the energy of nature has turned her talent to some amazing unique wearable art on denim. At only £85 you can be seen in a statement piece that we can guarantee no one else will have. If these don't fit you I'm sure Lisa can be persuaded to create one for you, remember though, she is in demand and as an artist and a yoga teacher!