About the Manager

The Unexpected Artist: An original Glasgow Art House

The Manager

WE are the Unexpected Manager, there are more than one of us! We curate and exhibit a broad range of art from over 70 very talented artists! For the past 4 years the team at the UA have shown a passion to give you the opportunity to make your living space pop by owning unique and amazing art!

So what is The Unexpected Artist?

The UXA, that is The Unexpected Artist, is a membership of over 70 established, rising, and some yet undiscovered Scottish based artists exhibiting and selling art!

Some paint, some photograph, some sculpt, some are digital designers and some do a combination. No matter their creative outlet, they all create amazing art!

This all means that you have a selection of over 300 pieces on display! On top of this you have the opportunity to have any of these artists create a special art piece just for you!

Who is the Manager just now

Currently one of the managers is one Stu Duffy, a photographer, who after completing his honours degree in Digital Art helped create the initiative that is now The Unexpected Artist. He is also upskilling by undertaking an MSc in Digital Marketing to help keep the artists on top of the latest digital platforms.

New artists and a new way of getting great art!

Over the last 4 years it's grown, or should that be evolved, since it's inception in July 2014 we have become one of the key arts attractions in Glasgow.

We exhibit a broad range of artists spanning many genres and the prices start from £20!

We have members of the public asking us to create custom art, we call this commissioning, so they can put the right size, colour and composition for their walls, We have created portraits, landscapes and abstracts and shipped as far afield as Hong Kong, Malibu and New Zealand.

The artists

It's a family culture, for the artists we provide not only provide coveted exhibition space in Glasgow, but help on their creative journey!